Online business coach Mashon in Antarctica with penguins

Hey there! I’m Mashon and I’m an online business coach. 👋

I help business owners hire and build great freelance teams. I also teach them how to create systems and hand off work in their business so they can step away from running all the day-to-day operations.

(Don’t let the informal photo with penguins in Antarctica fool you… I’m REALLY good at what I do. More on that later…)

With years of experience in the role of visionary (in my own businesses) and years as an integrator (in my clients’ businesses), I have an amazing vantage point as an online business coach.

Having been on both sides of running a business, I can see the unique problems, and their clever solutions. When it comes to running an online business, I can coach, because I’ve been there.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I need to hire but I don’t even know where to start
  • I feel like things are chaotic and I need to develop systems but I have no idea how
  • I need a right hand man/woman and I needed them YESTERDAY!

No worries, I can help! While there are a myriad of reasons you might be looking for an online business coach, I specialize in two areas: Systems and day-to-day operations and hiring freelance talent. Reach out here and let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.

5+ years ago, Naveen Dittakavi, founder and CEO of Next Vacay said something along the lines of: “I just feel like I put out fires all day long 🔥 and I need someone who can just… help… do you think you could do that?”

And with that informal cry for help… I discovered a whole host of things I was good at:

  • Executing
  • Being an integrator complementing a visionary
  • Stepping up as a right-hand woman
  • Growing a team
  • Putting systems and processes in place

Those first years were crazy! Working with Naveen, I completely took day-to-day operations off of his plate so that he could focus on his visionary strengths. I also managed him and his day-to-day,  working steadily over the years to remove him from areas where he was the bottleneck.

During this time I learned the duality necessary for a business to run at its best. The need for not one, but two people, each with their own strengths, to function together in leading a company.

Working in that capacity as a trusted leader on the operations side of the company, Naveen gave me the freedom to hire, fire, train, and manage — and with the amazing support of key team members, I grew the team under me from 6 to 23 (and counting).

Oh and did I mention…? The team is fully remote and scattered across most of the continents — and most of us have never met.

The operations side grew from the absolute chaos of a startup — think wild wild west… contractors hired willy nilly from a platform without anyone supervising, checking up on them, or even giving them proper training and or support — to a calm, collected, “grown up” company, with onboarding checklists, handbooks, procedures and order.

Naveen was able to do the visionary work that truly spoke to his soul, and trust that all of the day-to-days tasks needed to keep the wheels on were being managed.

What would working with an online business coach look like for you?

Well, we’d tackle this question first and foremost: how much would it mean to you to step OUT of your business and trust that the day-to-day is being managed?

While I very rarely dive into client’s businesses and take on the integrator role myself these days, I will get to know the ins and outs of your online business and coach you to hire and train that person for yourself (as well as any other key roles we may identify together).

With varying levels of support based on your business needs at the present moment, I’m confident that if you’re truly ready to step out of the day-to-day of your business, I can help.

From renting my brain, to ongoing online business coaching and support, to a full-service custom package tailored to your specific needs, I’m passionate about adapting my coaching to best meet YOUR needs.

I do custom work and I love it. Every business is different. Instead of trying to package everything into neat little boxes so that I can scale as big as possible, I prefer doing small scale, intimate work, personalized to each business owner I work with. 

I’m not right for every client and not every client is right for me. I do screen in advance so please get ahold of me here to see if my specialties as a coach are the right fit for your online business.

Oh… and about that informal penguin photo… there are two more things you should know.

1) I’m an informal kinda gal. That’s why this page isn’t 20,000 words long with all kinds of sales-y type things on it and professional shiny headshots trying to get you to buy my services. We’re either a good fit, or we’re not.

Ideally you’re a down to earth business owner who cares about results you can achieve more than the shiny facade anyone can put up online these days.

2) I’m also an exclusive kinda gal. I run in circles where most people I know are doing everything they can to scale up, up, up… to 7-figures, then 8, then 9, a constant grab for more. I’m not. I value my time above all. So I limit the amount of coaching I do so that I can maintain a work schedule that works for me (pssst! I rarely work above 30 hours a week)…

… and one that also fits my travel schedule. I’m currently traveling the world, and want time to enjoy that world. Sometimes I’m offline for stretches at a time (like that incredible 10-day trip to Antarctica, that has me eyeing a future 21-day trip). It’s important to me to truly balance work and life. Hustle and grind culture is not for me, so I only take on a few clients at a time in order to give you the personalized attention you deserve, and maintain my own sanity.

🌴 ——— 🌴

Please note: If you’re reading this before August 30th, 2023, I am currently not available to jump INTO your business and actually DO the work for you. I slow my business down in the summer to relax and regroup. You can still work with me in the following ways (via this link):

  • Schedule a “rent my brain” session
  • Get weekly 1-1 coaching
  • Purchase my business course at a discounted rate (It’s in Beta and I can still use some more feedback so you’ll get access to the course + access to me so we can collaborate on making it something great)

🌴 ——— 🌴

Sound good to you? Well you just might be my kinda person too! Let’s talk!

P.S. If you haven’t had a vacation in a while because stepping away from your online business would mean that it falls apart… let’s get you sorted so you can go on vacation again. Owning a business shouldn’t mean that you are tied to your business 365 days a year! Let’s fix that together.