Hey there! I’m passionate about spreading the word about freelancing ALL over the globe! Having spent 4 years living in South America (it was where I based after leaving the states in 2018), I want to provide the transcripts to my podcast in Spanish as well as English so you can find those both here.

For any other language, please just pop them into Google Translate… and if you’d love for us to include that as well, just let us know by dropping us an email here.

🚨 Please note, transcripts are done automatically so there may be errors.

All Podcast Episodes

Episode 63: What you can get for your money living abroad

Episode 62: FAQ Episode: All about solo travel

Episode 61: This freelancing road is hard and lonely… should I quit?

Episode 60: Upwork secrets: What clients are looking for in your proposal, work history, and client feedback

Episode 59: Living out of a suitcase – what’s really inside? – Part 2

Episode 58: Living out of a suitcase – what’s really inside? – Part 1

Episode 57: What do dating and clients have in common? – Part 2

Episode 56: What do dating and clients have in common? – Part 1

Episode 55: How to ask for more money at your current job

Episode 54: Why aren’t you living the life you want?

Episode 53: If you don’t have as much freelance work as you want… here’s what to do

Episode 52: Listener questions: Changing your hours and clients ghosting

Episode 51: The more you earn the less you DO

Episode 50: What you’re trying to find, you’re meant to create

Episode 49: 5 quick tips for getting jobs on Upwork

Episode 48: What do you love so much you’d do it for free?

Episode 47: The birthday episode: Reflecting on now vs. someday

Episode 46: ADHD & Freelancing: Finding ways to work WITH my brain

Episode 45: Your freelancing portfolio: The do’s and the don’ts!

Episode 44: FAQ Episode: Answering some of your most asked freelancing questions!

Episode 43: The power of gratitude: why saying thanks matters more than you think

Episode 42: Finally! The SECRET to freelancing

Episode 41: We are what we think about

Episode 40: Secrets to getting high-paying clients: offer peace of mind + good communication

Episode 39: Why people help other people: my passion for sharing freelancing knowledge

Episode 38: “Yourself” and “your business”: two separate entities

Episode 37: Overcoming self-doubt: taking lessons from biographies

Episode 36: Building strong bonds with clients: small gestures that make a big impact

Episode 35: The successful freelancer’s evolution: embrace growth and constant practice

Episode 34: Client said “No”? No problem! Handling rejection like a pro

Episode 33: The secret to six-figure freelancing: be proactive!

Episode 32: How freelancers get hired without breaking a sweat

Episode 31: Living the good life: reflections on wealth, goals, and fulfillment

Episode 30: Freelancing 101: Guest episode with Miranda, a freelancer just starting her journey

Episode 29: Embracing imperfection: we’ve all got things we want to improve

Episode 28: Partner up: how two heads can be better than one for a freelance business

Episode 27: Cracking the code: How freelancing can change your life 

Episode 26: Finding rhythm: work and travel as a digital nomad

Episode 25: Unlocking the power of genuine connections: networking done right

Episode 24: Buy the ticket: what it really takes to move abroad (or on to your next goal!)

Episode 23: Transforming your freelancing success: winning at client onboarding 

Episode 22: Connecting the dots: how meaningful connections shape your journey

Episode 21: From 9-to-5 to freelancing: navigating doubters and finding success

Episode 20: How to make $100,000 per year as a freelancer: mastering math + value

Episode 19: Focus on what really matters: essential steps for freelance beginners

Episode 18: Exceeding expectations: The art of over-delivering

Episode 17: Breaking free from society’s messaging; How the information you absorb can influence your mindset

Episode 16: From freelancing to traveling the world: It takes small steps you can start today

Episode 15: How to set up a freelance contract with your clients

Episode 14: Tools that help me work online

Episode 13: 3 ways to price your services as a freelancer

Episode 12: How do you know you’re ready to start freelancing?

Episode 11: Do you make these 5 mistakes when pitching freelance clients?

Episode 10: Bank accounts and business types: What do you really need as a beginner freelancer?

Episode 9: How do retirement and healthcare work when you’re a freelancer?

Episode 8: Finding your Golden Ticket: Cashing in by working WITH an entrepreneur

Episode 7: The beginner’s guide to freelance clients

Episode 6: The 5 most common freelance positions MY clients need

Episode 5: Impostor Syndrome

Episode 4: The 5 things you need to start freelancing

Episode 3: The 6 most common questions I get about freelancing

Episode 2: Middle school teacher to 6-figure freelancer (My story part 2)

Episode 1: Middle school teacher to 6-figure freelancer (My story part 1)