Coming soon!

I’m in planning talks with my good friend Averi Melcher @averimelcher around creating a podcast to help other freelancers and business owners create the life of their dreams!

Averi and I e-met through our mutual friend Gareth @traveldeeper and were Insta-friends until October of 2019 when she traveled through Quito where I was living at the time and we were able to meet up IRL.


We hit it off immediately and have kept in touch throughout our separate travels.

One night while I was vacationing in Nanegalito, Ecuador, the podcast idea begged to come to life! After a 6-hour phone conversation on all topics, life, travel, our businesses — and quite a few glasses of wine — Averi followed through! The next day she said, “You know, we joke about this, but we really should do a podcast.” 


Relaxing at Finca Sauipe in Nanegalito on my quarterly vacation.

And we actually followed up on it, busting out a Google doc and pouring our ideas into it.

So here we are, in the planning stages! More details to be announced as we get closer to launch.